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Save Money with Free Business Cards

Business card templates are the perfect solution for creating customized business cards that can be mass produced economically. Many companies offer online business card templates today, making it easy for you to find a design that coordinates beautifully with your business and your personal taste.
Design cards from the comfort of home any time of the day or night. Once the cards are completed, pay the printing company to print the cards for you, or create them on your own, using your home printer and cardstock you purchase.

We have tips to help you use business card templates to create an effective marketing product for your company.

Where to Find Business Card Templates

Whether you are starting up a brand new business or looking for ways to grow your current company, every penny counts. Business cards are an excellent way to get your business name into the hands of potential customers, but some printers charge exorbitant fees to provide you with high quality cards for distribution.

The good news is you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get first-class business cards any longer. There are plenty of options in free business cards today that allow you to personalize your cards to your liking for only the cost of printer ink and cardstock.

Finding Free Business Cards

Many printers today offer a free business cards option that allows customers to print cards on their own, using user-friendly templates and their own cardstock and printer. You can find a variety of design options or customize your own using your company logo and templates found online.

Another option in free business cards is to shop with companies that offer free boxes of card with initial orders. However, once the initial box is exhausted, you will have to pay for subsequent orders with the same company.

Judging Quality

One of the biggest concerns with printing free business cards is the quality of the finished product. It can be hard to duplicate the professional touch that printers provide in their services.

However, ensuring quality is not impossible with free business cards that you print at home. By carefully choosing your cardstock and using a top-notch printer with full ink cartridges, you can easily create business cards that look and feel as professional as if they came directly from the print shop. Despite the money you spend on high quality supplies, you can still rest assured you will save a bundle on professional printing services when you print free business cards in your home office.

Read Offers Carefully

When you are shopping for free business cards, read the fine print of a company's agreement carefully before launching your own printing efforts. Some companies include a watermark, which doesn't show up in the online sample, but will show up on your printed product, unless you pay a small fee to use the template.

Other companies that advertise free business cards will print them for you – and add their own business name on the back of all your business cards! Unless you want to promote their company at the same time you are advertising your own, skip free business cards offers from these businesses.

Free business cards are an excellent choice for effectively promoting your company at little up-front cost to you. If you decide to pursue free business cards at home, select high quality materials to give your cards a professional touch. Read the fine print of the company's agreements to ensure you are getting the precise cards you want, and don't be afraid to shop around to find the best deal. By following the tips listed above, you can create your own high-quality free business cards for much less money than you would spend with a professional printing service.




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