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Make Your Business Cards Stand Out from the Crowd

Nearly every professional uses business cards as a networking tool today, and it is not unusual to collect a dozen or more at trade shows and other industry events.

However, how do you ensure your business cards will stand out from the crowd? There are plenty of creative ways to make your business cards unique and eye-catching, and we have a few of the best ideas right here.

Use Color

Bold splashes of color are a great way to make your business cards, shine, whether you use a bright orange stripe across a white background or bathe your entire card an attractive shade of blue or green. Before selecting a hue for your business cards, research the psychology of color to find the shade that will evoke the response in potential customers that you are hoping for.

Use Shapes

Most business cards come in a standard 3.5" x 2" rectangle, but there is no law stating that is the only option. Some business cards come in squares, circles, ovals or assorted other shapes that are much more eye-catching and appealing. Choose a shape that coordinates with your business, such as a leaf for a landscaping company or a car for a body shop. Die cuts make it easy for business cards to take on a wide range of shapes, so your business cards stand out from the rest in your industry.

Use Different Materials

Most business cards are printed on standard cardstock, but that doesn't mean yours must be the same. Try PVC plastic, rubber or magnets for a whole new look. How about printing your information on a balloon, so the client can get your phone number when the balloon is blown up? Some companies have printed their business cards on recycled CDs, while others have used burlap, cardboard or even broken pieces of pottery for their company information.

Use Special Features

Some cards offer three-dimensional features, such as ribbon or a special material to exemplify your business. You can also use cut-outs on your business cards to create a unique look, such as perforated letters, finger holes or a shape cut into the center of the card. Try a business card that can be punched out or folded to create a new shape, such as a glider or an automobile. Add a hole on one corner so recipients can keep it on their keychain for easy access.

Special Considerations

When you begin to get creative with your business card printing, keep in mind that the concept you choose should tie in well with your business. The balloon idea would work well for a children's party planner or a professional clown, while recycled CDs might be a good option for technology or music companies. When you choose a theme associated with your business, it is easier for recipients to remember who you are and what you do.

Creativity is the key if you want business cards that get noticed. With these ideas as a stepping stone, you are on the road to creating business cards that clients are much more likely to keep and use.




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