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Business Cards Designs: Part II

Business cards come in all shapes, sizes and colors today, so creativity is the key to crafting a business card that truly stands out from the crowd. Fortunately, as competition for business card printing has stepped up, many more companies are willing to step out of their comfort zone and create business cards that ring with their own unique personality. If you are trying to determine what types of business cards will help you put your best professional foot forward, consider these options when designing your next batch.


Traditional business cards come in a small, rectangular shape, but there is no reason to settle for the traditional when you are trying to stand out from the rest. Choose a solid square, oval or a more unusual shape. Find something that proudly displays your industry, such as an automobile shape for a body shop or a tooth shape for a dentist.

While you may spend a little extra for the unique shape, the added expense could pay off majorly with business cards that people are less likely to toss. The more unique your card shape, the more likely someone will be to keep your card until they actually need your goods or services.


Just like the shape, the design of your card should exude your own unique flair, as well as your industry. Business card printing can design business cards to look like credit cards, dog tags or even movie tickets. Folding business cards might be crafted in a similar fashion to a business brochure or even a matchbook.

Use the colors in your card to portray your specialty, such as rich brown for chocolate or coffee, or metallic for a dog tag style. Keep in mind that the fancier your design, the simpler your graphics and wording should be so that the two do not end up competing with one another.


Business cards of the past were commonly constructed of cardstock, but business owners are not limited to simple paper business cards any longer. Today, your business cards can be crafted of just about any material you can imagine, ranging from sleek plastic to warm wood.

Plastic business cards have become particularly popular, with choices in widths and colors to delight just about every type of industry. Plastic can be constructed to look like metal or become completely transparent for a chic, minimalist effect. Add a whole new pattern or a splash of bold color for a completely unique look.

Business cards come in all kinds of shapes and styles, and the sky is the limit in terms of your creativity and individuality. Professional business card printing offers a plethora of options that allow business owners to let their unique style come to life in this common marketing strategy. As you are designing your business card, consider the industry you work in and find a pattern that portrays that industry best. Next, add your own personal touch to your business cards, through unique patterns, shapes and colors that give your business card a unique look that sets it apart from the rest.



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