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Business Cards Designs: Part I

Business cards are an effective way to put your best company foot forward every day, particularly when you put plenty of thought and effort into the overall design of your card. One component of a good business card printing design is to choose a layout that will accurately depict your business.  Here are tips to help you create a business card design that will give recipients a positive and accurate impression of your business at first sight.

Background Color

If you want your business cards to have maximum impact, a unique, flashy background color will do the trick. Whether you print your cards yourself or order them from a professional service, you can choose a rainbow of hues for that all important piece of marketing material. One of the considerations when choosing color is how different shades affect human moods and emotions. For example, blue induces a sense of peace and tranquility, while red might be a call to action.

The other factor to keep in mind when choosing color is the nature of your business. For example, landscapers might choose an earthy hue of green or brown, while a swimming pool company might prefer a cool, refreshing shade of blue.

Select a color that will accurately portray your product or service, while encouraging the right response from your potential customer. If you choose a bolder hue, balance the color with a simpler font and basic graphics, so your color and design do not end up competing with one another.


The font and graphics you choose also make a difference in the impression people will have of your business. As you contemplate the addition of graphics, stick with those that will add value rather than fluff to your card. A business logo is an important feature that allows potential customers to immediately identify with your corporate branding. On the other hand, monogrammed initials or other frivolous designs may detract from the basic information on your card without doing much to enhance your corporate image. If you choose to include a corporate logo on your business cards, spring for one that is professionally designed for a better first impression.


Photos can be a nice addition to your card, particularly if you are offering a service like real estate sales and purchases or massage therapy. Customers like to put a face with the name of a person with whom they will be working closely. However, photos also come with their share of drawbacks, including additional expense and the potential to "date" you after a period of time. If you decide to go with a photo, order limited quantities of your business cards so you have the option of updating when necessary.

The right design for your business cards printing will make all the difference in the impression you make on new and potential clients. By choosing business cards that best demonstrate your corporate image, you can use these cards as an effective marketing tool and an inexpensive way to grow your business.



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