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Tips to Use Your Business Cards Effectively

Business card printing is just the first step in an effective marketing and networking tool to grow your company. Once those business cards are ready to go, the next step is to get them into the hands of potential clients and business associates who can have a positive impact on your business. We have tips to help you use your business cards effectively so you can get the greatest possible value from this advertising tool.

Never Leave Home without Them

Business cards do absolutely no good at all sitting on your desk at the office all the time. These cards were designed to move with you, so keep a bundle in your briefcase, purse and wallet, as well as your desk. You can also leave them in your car in case you find yourself somewhere unexpected to distribute them. Get in the habit of checking your business cards when you grab your essentials in the morning, and restock your stash as necessary.

Invest in a Case

Business card cases do much more than keep your business cards neat and clean; they also portray a professional image when you whip out your stylish leather or metal case to grab your card for a colleague. If you receive a card from another individual, it is common courtesy to take a few minutes to read the card over before carefully placing it in your card case with your own. You should also invest in a stylish card holder for your desk so your business cards are prominently displayed for everyone who enters your office.

Pop them in the Mail

Whether you send out a thank you note to a client, or pop a bill in the mailbox, enclose a business card with your correspondence. You never know when your card will get into the hands of an individual who is looking to sell his house or invest in a retirement plan.

The only times that it is inappropriate to send business cards with correspondence is when you are sending a letter or card that is personal and/or emotional. For example, adding your business card to a sympathy or "get well" card would be considered tacky to the majority of the professional population.

Hand them Out

When you meet new people, ask them for their contact information. If you take the time to receive and comment on their business cards, they will be more likely to ask for yours as well. You can also use your business cards to jot down your cell phone number or additional information for potential clients or business associates. That way, the individual has the information he asked for, as well as your contact information for future business ventures.

Business cards are only as good as the amount of use they receive, so get in the habit of using your cards every chance you get. By keeping a supply on hand at all times, you are more likely to get your business cards into the hands of people who want them and will use them at a later date.




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