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The Business Card with Staying Power

Business cards have long been considered effective marketing and networking tools, but unfortunately, many of those cards end up in the circular file rather than in a potential client's address book.

To ensure your business cards have the staying power they need to provide a positive impact on your business, you must carefully plan and design your cards to stand out from the crowd. We have tips to help you design a business card that will withstand the test of time.

Paper and Printing Quality

The quality of your card will make a tremendous difference in how long it stays on a potential client's desk. Begin with the quality of paper you use, opting for the thickest cardstock possible. In lieu of cardstock, you can also print business cards on PVC plastic, rubber or magnets for greater staying potential.

Use a high quality business cards printing service to ensure the ink does not bleed. Use a font that is easy to read, and supply all of your contact information on your card so your customer can choose the easiest way to get in touch with you.

Add Your Own Style

It may take a little imagination to make your business cards stand out from the crowd, but the effort will be well worth the time. Good business card printing services can help you in the process by suggesting customizable shapes and patterns to offer a unique look to your business cards.

Instead of settling for the standard rectangle, choose a square, oval or circle to set your business cards apart from the rest. Go with a bold dash of color or a glitzy finish like metallic or a high gloss shine. Add a graphic that aptly illustrates your business to give customers an easy reference to your initial meeting.

Two-Faced Business Cards

Many business card printing companies will print both sides of your business cards for a reasonable cost. If you have the additional space, you can add more contact information, a list of your services or brief testimonials from previous clients. Better yet, add a discount on the card for 10% off purchases to entice customers into your business. This additional space is valuable in ensuring that recipient's hang onto your card for a longer time frame, particularly if there is a tangible benefit to them in doing so.

Passing Notes

If you don't spring for the additional printing on your business cards, take the time to jot a quick note every time you hand one of your cards over. A quick memo regarding your conversation with the potential client or relevant services that you offer will greatly increase the odds that your business cards will be kept and used. You can do the same thing when you receive a business card from a colleague, whether to write down where you met or the best way to follow up with him.

Business cards can be an effective marketing tool, but only if your recipients don't toss them in the trash. Follow these tips to give your business cards staying power and see the positive impact these simple little cards can have on your bottom line.




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