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Introduction to Business Cards

Business cards are one of the oldest methods used to get a company name into the hands of potential customers and business partners. Cards were originally used for social calls, but during the Industrial Revolution, became a mainstay for entrepreneurs as a means of marketing their businesses.

Today, business cards continue to be used at trade shows, or even the local coffee shop, as a means of effectively marketing your company's goods and services to your community. We have the overview of business cards, including how they got started and how they continue to be used today.

A Brief History

Business cards have been in existence for centuries, although styles and technology have evolved to give business cards many different looks throughout the years. Early business cards printing consisted of large, bulky printing presses, and many of the cards themselves were much larger; about the size of a playing card today.

The advent of computers allowed companies to create business cards right at their own business location and even allowed entrepreneurs the chance to distribute business cards efficiently and economically.

Card Designs

Original calling card became quite ornate, featuring elaborate engravings and other frivolities that made certain cards stand out from the rest. When calling cards evolved into business cards during the Industrial Revolution, they took on a much plainer look, usually with black block letters on a plain white background.

New printing technology allowed business card printing to become more creative and gave business owners a chance to personalize their cards with their own company logo and colors. Today's business cards are a plethora of colors and designs, with each business owner trying to outdo the rest so their business cards stand out from the crowd.

Card Materials

Business cards are crafted from a wide range of materials, from standard cardstock to PVC plastic. Plastic business cards with a frosted or metallic finish are particularly attractive and very durable. Some business owners craft their business cards from other unusual materials, like wood, rubber or magnets. It is important to give an accurate impression of your business through the cards you distribute, so don't be afraid to get a bit more creative if your business style calls for a unique marketing approach!

Marketing with Cards

Business cards are an inexpensive, effective way of marketing just about any business. Savvy entrepreneurs keep a few business cards with them at all times, ready to hand out to anyone who expresses interests in their goods or services. Cards are passed around at industry meetings and trade shows to build bridges toward joint ventures and other business arrangements. They can also be used in social settings, as a means of exchanging personal information without losing the professional edge.

Business cards have been the choice of business owners for decades, and they don’t seem to be slowing down in terms of popularity or effectiveness. If you are in the market for business cards, you have plenty of choices today, allowing you to put your best business foot forward in your personal marketing efforts.




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