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Business Cards 101: How to Leave the Right Impression

Your business card may be the first contact someone has with your company, and it is important for that little piece of paper to make a big impression. Providing contact information is just the first step in an effective business card; you must also consider the style and purpose of the card to ensure you get your money's worth from your business card printing. We have tips to help you use your business cards to make a lasting impression on business associates and potential clients.

There are many different types of materials used for business cards today, ranging from standard cardstock to PVC plastic. Whatever material you choose for your business card printing, make sure you use the highest quality you can afford. Cards crafted from cheap material usually end up getting tossed more quickly, while those crafted from durable materials endure. Want to make sure your company name is there for the long haul? Consider magnet business cards that individuals can easily post on a file cabinet, dry erase board or refrigerator.


An unusual shape is an excellent way to get your business cards noticed, but it is also a strategy that keeps them in the hands of others for a longer period of time. Toss the traditional rectangle for a symmetrical square or a classy oval. Craft your business cards to look like credit cards or sample strips. Come up with an unusual shape that exemplifies your business, such as a leaf, car or hat shape. The unusual nature of your card will entice others to keep the card – and even share it with others.


Corporate branding is a key component of effective marketing today, which means that all the marketing and correspondence material that leaves your office should easily identify your business through consistent color, font and graphics. A corporate logo is an easy way for individuals to quickly identify your business, so make sure to include your logo on your business cards printing. While you can craft a logo on your own, it usually makes a better impression to have a graphic professionally designed.

Color and Ink

The color of your card can be creative, without undercutting your professionalism. First, choose a hue that best represents your business, such as a calming shade of blue or lavender for a massage therapist or a green hue for a landscaper. Select a font that complements the color of the business cards, and go to a professional business card printing service rather than printing the cards on your own. This ensures your business cards will be crafted of the highest quality, so you put your best professional foot forward every time you hand out one of your cards.

Making the right impression with your business cards involves tuning into all the little details that give business cards high quality and style. With these tips in mind, your business will put its best face forward every time a potential client receives one of your business cards for their collection.



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