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The Future of Business Cards

Business cards have been used for centuries as a means of exchanging contact information for both social and professional purposes. However, the advent of technology has led some to begin exchanging "business cards" in the virtual world through professional networking sites like LinkedIn and newer programs that are offered through cell phones.
While the paper versions of business cards will probably never go out of style completely, the way they are currently used is quickly evolving into the multi-media world we live in today.


Tips to Use Your Business Cards Effectively

Business card printing is just the first step in an effective marketing and networking tool to grow your company. Once those business cards are ready to go, the next step is to get them into the hands of potential clients and business associates who can have a positive impact on your business. We have tips to help you use your business cards effectively so you can get the greatest possible value from this advertising tool.


The Business Card with Staying Power

Business cards have long been considered effective marketing and networking tools, but unfortunately, many of those cards end up in the circular file rather than in a potential client's address book.

To ensure your business cards have the staying power they need to provide a positive impact on your business, you must carefully plan and design your cards to stand out from the crowd. We have tips to help you design a business card that will withstand the test of time.


Introduction to Business Cards

Business cards are one of the oldest methods used to get a company name into the hands of potential customers and business partners. Cards were originally used for social calls, but during the Industrial Revolution, became a mainstay for entrepreneurs as a means of marketing their businesses.

Today, business cards continue to be used at trade shows, or even the local coffee shop, as a means of effectively marketing your company's goods and services to your community. We have the overview of business cards, including how they got started and how they continue to be used today.


History of Business Cards

Business cards have a long and colorful history, dating back centuries to their use in social settings and moving all the way forward to their professional purpose today. These cards have been a mainstay to help individuals identify themselves when they visited someone's home or went into business for themselves. Enjoy this brief history of business cards to find out just how far these small printed pieces have come over the decades.

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